JHB was established in Brussels – Belgium in 1959, as a small family business active in steel exports out of the Benelux countries.

Over the years, JHB developed into a small international group, currently dealing in agricultural commodities, specializing in Trade Development – setting up operations in various producing countries.

Group of Companies

JHB is an active partner in the following:

The Good Chocolate Company offers consumers the rich flavour of chocolate and crunchiness of cacao beans all with natural occurring Flavanol, micronutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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Providing specialty cocoa to small bean-to-bar producers

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‘Asante Mama’ is a true story of personal commitment and passion, that of Pamela Anyoti Peronaci.

Some years ago, Pamela launched an innovative farming business to lift the rural people of Uganda out of their extreme poverty. Her goal was to increase productivity in agriculture and create employment and income in a sustainable way, improve livelihoods for farmers, while, respecting the environment. She promotes on her own farm and for farmers organic farming which is ethicalinnovative and sustainable so farmers can produce cocoaherbs and spices in addition to their food.

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The core philosophy of JHB is to implement ethical, sustainable and Social Business activities.

In 2007, it started collaborating with International Friendship for Development, an NGO operating in Uganda.

JHB has since then distributed micro loans to poor farmers for Chilli production, especially women in rural areas and has financed training activities.

JHB started this as a moral effort to help eliminate poverty by bringing production finance and markets directly to the people who need it most.

Through our direct involvement in the producing countries, JHB can guarantee superior quality of all products, and a very effective contact between farmer and consumer resulting in real ‘fair trade’.

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